Zur Zukunft der Arbeit 2017

Due to the Central Technology Training named „meet the future“, the Ars Electronica Futurelab was commissioned to present and process the topic of “digitalization” at the Audi Training Center in Munich.

The predominant challenge was to set up a job training that offered glimpses into the company’s future and at the same time allowed every trainee to interpret the consequences for his or her personal future employment.


In the guided room situation the participants leran about the linkage between their posture during the Shadowgram session and the questions raised. Credit: Florian Voggeneder


The digitalization has finally arrived in the working world. Not only as tools to simplify and automate certain processes but in every aspect of procedures – from the first meeting seeping into the fabrication steps until the product will be finalized and displayed in the public sphere. By the example of autonomous driving, the impact of products to society is more than ever palpable. It’s a fact that every car will be driving autonomously one day which will ultimately lead to the question what the future holds for bus drivers. Complete business models and therefore models for a society are on their way to be revolutionized. This outlook can be equaled to the climate-change.


The exhibition space at the foyer of the Training Center. Credit: Florian Voggeneder


Those details of a changing hemisphere are due to be designed. No one has yet a clear picture of how to grasp the communicating car fleet. We understand vehicles as objects with which to interact – not as they are: intelligent knots, interfaces, to interact with a swarm of thousand other knots. The question on the preparation of employees to this method of change, which has not yet been applied but will come in any way was central to the co-working with the Audi Training Center.



An industry robot in charge of drawing the particpant’s postures taken during the Shadowgram. Credit: Florian Voggeneder



On the first day, a Shadowgram invites participants to literally take a stand for certain questions. Those did not only serve as an initializing act to take position regarding the aforementioned topic, Shadowgram is also collecting perspectives and expectations of every individual- unprepared and direct and unadorned.

Der offene Raum

In the morning of the second day of training an exhibition in by Ars Electronica Export is taking the participants by surprise. In contrast to the usual display of new product lines, there are exhibits on relevant developments of the future that enable the partaking audience to literally touch technological and socio-economical changes. This display arouses direct emotional reaction on the selected exhibits out of the field of art and science, to get an individual approach to complex topics of the future.

Der Geführte Raum

The core of the corporation between the Ars Electronica Futurelab and the Audi Training Center and the program was the “Guided Room”. The interactive project-driven projections onto wall and floor need an active role with the trainees. Here, Audi is focusing its very specific topics. Groups of various sizes are guided through this interactive world of topics. A hosted process which referred to the perspectives “recorded” by the Shadowgram.


Florian Berger, Marianne Eisl, Peter Freudling, Roland Haring, Peter Holzkorn, Horst Hörtner, Christopher Lindinger, Michael Mayer, Stefan Mittlboeck-Jungwirth-Fohringer, Otto Naderer