Art & Science

Contextualize Science and Society


Art is an open invitation to everybody. Art does speak to everybody, regardless of educational backgrounds, social status or age. Experiencing Art, is very different from explaining experiences or facts. Nevertheless, Art does have the strength to open up new perspectives even in thematically complex environments.

Advanced Sciences and Technologies are highly complex environments, in which communication often struggles with presupposed previous knowledge about a specific topic. Especially when it comes to communication between Science and a broader audience.

Media Art or Hybrid Art is able to discuss the social meaning of science and technology, and can become a mediator, a transformer of communication. By transforming scientific facts into artistic experiences, Art generates curiosity and experience based awareness.

Utilizing Art to transfer experiences is a very well established field of work within the Ars Electronica Futurelab, not limited to arts collaborations in projects of all kinds. Besides single members, being active as Artists also in our projects, the Ars Electronica Futurelab runs several Artists in Residence projects, which are all embedded in the topic of “of Art & Science”.