Novel Cultural Experiences

Shift Aesthetic Paradigms


Art is perfectly eligible to discuss THE MEANING OF THINGS.

The understanding of the meaning of things – prior to, or along with the accessibility of things – to our society, is crucial – not only for researchers, industries or policy makers – it is crucial to our society in general. Our societies and sub societies are carried by social activities, of which grouping together, on different levels, is one of the most important. Most culture forming aspects do route back to the warming fire place, some thousands of years ago, where we shared moments of excitement as communities, and where the first “performances” – be it religious or artistic – have been established.

This archaic moment still is alive in concerts, sport events or other mass spectacles of our time. Allowing us to experience and celebrate a moment of excitement as a community.

The Ars Electronica Futurelab is working in this field on many levels – throughout single projects, the focus has been the same: Experiencing moments of excitement as a community, and trying to establish new cultures around those experiences.