Reframing Communication

Create New Connections


Despite all the talk you hear about human-machine communication, it’s still questionable whether the concept of communication as used in reference to interpersonal intercourse can even be applied to dealings between human beings and machines.

After all, inherent in the process of communication is adjustment to the respective interlocutor, in that both parties to a conversation are constantly accumulating concrete information shaping their conception of each other and thus mutually adjusting their mode of behavior accordingly.

Technically functional interfaces provide a much too confining corset to accomplish this. Our interest is focused on forms of artistic and playful interaction between human beings and machines that make possible reciprocally operational, unforeseen new experiences.

All Ars Electronica Futurelab projects that focus on imparting a new orientation to communication ultimately conceptualize the machine as a partner in a dialog but also entail creating new channels of communication among people.