Since 2004, Ars Electronica has worked together with partners in art and culture, science and education, commerce and industry to produce a diverse array of projects all over the world. The spectrum includes exhibitions and presentations, conferences and workshops, performances and interventions. What these collaborative activities have in common is the inspiration they derive from the ideas and visions of Ars Electronica’s worldwide network.

Ars Electronica EXPORT offers partners the possibility of selecting from among a menu of individual options or deciding on a complete package—depending on their particular wishes, interests and resources. It’s up to the partner to decide whether existing exhibitions, presentations, conferences and workshops in the form of complete arrangements are the most cost-efficient way to achieve their objectives, or if the way to go is with selections that are curated by Ars Electronica in accordance with thematic, technological or historic criteria and that also flexibly permit the integration of our partner’s artistic and technical know-how.

As our partner, it´s up to you to decide whether existing exhibitions, presentations, conferences and workshops in the form of complete arrangements are the most cost-efficient way to achieve your objectives, or if a customized solution developed especially for you is the way to go. We take a flexible approach to curating selections according to thematic, technological or historical criteria, one that also allows for the integration of our partner´s artistic and technological know-how, so we can work together with you to develop the exhibition or package of activities that´s precisely what you had in mind.

Ars Electronica Export

Abuja, Athens, Bangkok, Berlin, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Doha, Florence, Kiev, London, Shanghai, Regensburg, Peking, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Gijon, New York, Venice, Budapest, Taichung, Geneva, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, Tunis, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Madrid, Brussels, Munich, Erlangen, Vienna, Zaragoza Ars Electronica Export

Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2012 - ON TOUR

worldwide Ars Electronica Linz is working together with the Austrian Foreign Ministry for the second time now to make the Ars Electronica Animation Festival available on Blu-ray. The films in the Festival lineup are being provided free of charge for a year to approximately 20 Austrian Cultural Forums and 100 Austrian Embassies worldwide.

TEA Collective Wisdom - Ars Electronica in Taichung Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan Ars Electronica continues to make a name for itself worldwide, this time with another major exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung. “Collective Wisdom” consists of 17 selected works created from the advent of the internet in the 1990s to the present day, all of which are the outcome of some form of collective effort in which the audience plays an active role.

Possible Futures - Ars Electronica in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil Since September 2012 the Prix Ars Electronica Archiv is online. Now, one month later we are not only presenting at University of Sao Paulo the rich amount of documentations we are offering online, more over we are discussing based on selected examples of scientists, artists and historians the status quo and the possible future of archives.

Fragments Broaching the Imagination - Ars Electronica in Regensburg / Germany

Regensburg, Germany This exhibition takes a poetic approach to the investigation of artistic practices that work with fragments of our digital culture. The Grafiksaal of the Ostdeutsche Galerie in Regensburg is being reconfigured to serve as the venue.

Impetus and Movement - Ars Electronica at VW Berlin

Berlin, Germany Ars Electronica Export is invited again at Volkswagen AG in Berlin to show already for the third time outstanding artistic approaches, focussing on our “Zeitgeist” and mobility.

PASEO PROJECT - Ars Electronica in Zaragoza

Zaragoza, Spain Zaragoza City of Knowledge (Zaragoza ciudad del conocimiento) has got assistance from Ars Electronica, as the Spanish foundation launches its PASEO PROJECT, an effort to jointly seek creative new ideas for communication in and with a city.

Ars Wild Card in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan Ars Electronica collects Tokyo’s creativity with Ars Wild Card (iPhone Application). Creative “matters”, “things”, “works”, “experiments” , “places” and etc … Please let us know Tokyo`s creativity of today from your point of view. Ars Wild Card is part of the following events in Tokyo organized by CG-Arts and is supported by KTV (Kansai Telecasting Corporation).

Ars Electronica Animation Festival – ON TOUR

worldwide The Ars Electronica Animation Festival screens a selection of outstanding films submitted to the Prix Ars Electronica 2011.