Since 2004, Ars Electronica has worked together with partners in art and culture, science and education, commerce and industry to produce a diverse array of projects all over the world. The spectrum includes exhibitions and presentations, conferences and workshops, performances and interventions. What these collaborative activities have in common is the inspiration they derive from the ideas and visions of Ars Electronica’s worldwide network.

Ars Electronica EXPORT offers partners the possibility of selecting from among a menu of individual options or deciding on a complete package—depending on their particular wishes, interests and resources. It’s up to the partner to decide whether existing exhibitions, presentations, conferences and workshops in the form of complete arrangements are the most cost-efficient way to achieve their objectives, or if the way to go is with selections that are curated by Ars Electronica in accordance with thematic, technological or historic criteria and that also flexibly permit the integration of our partner’s artistic and technical know-how.

As our partner, it´s up to you to decide whether existing exhibitions, presentations, conferences and workshops in the form of complete arrangements are the most cost-efficient way to achieve your objectives, or if a customized solution developed especially for you is the way to go. We take a flexible approach to curating selections according to thematic, technological or historical criteria, one that also allows for the integration of our partner´s artistic and technological know-how, so we can work together with you to develop the exhibition or package of activities that´s precisely what you had in mind.

Ars Electronica Export

Abuja, Athens, Bangkok, Berlin, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Doha, Florence, Kiev, London, Shanghai, Regensburg, Peking, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Gijon, New York, Venice, Budapest, Taichung, Geneva, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, Tunis, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Madrid, Brussels, Munich, Erlangen, Vienna, Zaragoza Ars Electronica Export

Ars Electronica Animation Festival - ON TOUR

worldwide The Ars Electronica Animation Festival has been garnering rave reviews from moviegoers ever since its premiere. Every year Ars Electronica is working together with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs to make a selection of outstanding submissions for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration available to educational institutions, film festivals and cultural organizations.

The Lab - ITU Telecom World 2013

Bangkok, Thailand For the first time, Ars Electronica was invited to present innovative technologies in the framework of a unique exhibition at the ITU Telecom World 2013 from November 19th to 22nd in Bangkok. From 3D printing to robotics, from creative new energy sources to wearable tech, the exhibition „The Lab“ is about experiencing and questioning future technology and its impact.

PASEO PROJECT - New Creative Models to Experience the City

Zaragoza, Spain The Spanish foundation Zaragoza ciudad del conocimiento (Saragossa City of Knowledge) received support from Ars Electronica this past year in launching its PASEO PROJECT, a joint effort in Saragossa to discover creative new ideas for communication in and with a city. The first Paseo Project honoree is Florian Tuercke (DE) for his New Creative Model to Experience the City.

Artists As Catalysts - Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain In collaboration with Lourdes Fernández, director of the cultural institution that just underwent a Philippe Starck makeover, Ars Electronica Linz GmbH has assembled a showcase of projects that endeavor to transcend conventional boundaries in an effort to inspire those who behold them.

Like A Second Nature

Berlin, Germany For the fourth time, Ars Electronica Linz GmbH has partnered up with VW to create an exhibition for the VW Automobil Forum Unter den Linden in Berlin. This time around the theme is "Like A Second Nature", it's about what's natural and artificial, about what we create and what is created by the nature around us, but also about the collission points and our perception of what we think is real and what's not.

Creative Cloud
Ars Electronica in the Knowledge Capital – FREE SOUND (Vol. 5)

Osaka, Japan In the framework of "Ars Electronica Creative Cloud" ten workshops were held in Knowledge Capital Osaka together with artists and representatives of Ars Electronica.