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You’re cordially invited to get actively involved in the Klangwolke and construct one of the 10,000 illuminated letters that will get connected on the evening of the big event and play a major role in the gigantic spectacle. In this extraordinary interplay, the letters will unfold their full potential, the characters coming together to form words and sentences, information becoming communication. Look at the results here.

How to participate

Klangwolken ABC online

Regardless of which letter you decide on, how big it is, what materials and colors you use, join in and build your own personal letter for the voestalpine Klangwolke. You can do it at home in your living room or workshop, in the basement or attic. Or you can pay a visit to the Ars Electronica Center and work on your project here. Then again, you might opt for a creative session at one of the OTELO open technology labs in Gmunden, Vöcklabruck and Kremstal.

You just might derive some fruitful inspiration from the artworks that other Klangwolke fans have already come up with. Take a photograph of your letter and post it online. Eventually, we’ll assemble a colorful gallery of letters as well as a “Klangwolke typeface” you can use in e-mails—for instance, to tell your friends all about it.