The Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy comprises a range of activities that share the goal of knowledge transfer and exchange with organizations, educational institutions and companies acting in the overlap of art, design and technology. The program offers the Futurelab members’ expertise as well as a wide network of associated artists and institutions.

When partnered with an academic institution, a Futurelab Academy program consists of a series of workshops and seminars integrated with an existing or specifically designed university course, with the goal of presenting the best of the student projects at the Ars Electronica Festival.

This second trans-disciplinary Futurelab Academy held at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia set the thematic challenge – the participatory audience. We live in a digitally-enabled world where collaboration and online participation is taken as said, yet there remains a key challenge in how we translate this level of participation and ownership of content and space into the public arena and public events. The key challenge and research question addressed by the 2014 LabAcademy was: ‘How do we shift a public event audience from a spectator audience to an active and engaged audience?’ The three 2014 LabAcademy projects address this challenge in unique and creative ways by utilizing the LinzerSchnitte technology.