by Shinji Kanki & friends

Fish-go-Round! is the name of a live performance for electronic music, radio waves, lights and dancers that took place at the Lasipalatsi Square during the Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2014.

The Japanese composer Shinji Kanki created an experimental work with sounds of 40 different species of fish emerging from an ocean of white noise. Following the pitch of the music, radio waves from Radio Helsinki triggered light devices fitted on umbrellas carried by a group of dancers moving around the square. The performance made use of the LinzerSchnitte technology.

The project was realized in cooperation between: m-cult/Media Facades Helsinki, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Radio Helsinki, Wannabe ballerinas and mbar.
Choreography Kaisa Kukkonen, electronics Mikko Laajola and Albert Laine. Thanks to Bebek.