by Nimish Biloria & Jia Rey Chang

Emoti-Matter is a real-time interactive installation which enhances the experiential aspect of information access by means of contemporary computational technologies. The Emoti-Matter, as an experiment, was tested in Warsaw, Poland, as a multi-user driven extrapolation of dynamic spatial environments through the synergistic merger of computational design, art, philosophy and architecture. The installation externalizes the endless loop between collective experiential dimensions of our environment and emergent material notations of these experiences. This interactive loop simultaneously activates an immersive transient environmental scape, which creates novice personalized spatial experiences per participant. Communal experiential dimensions (intangible) which via a computationally driven material platform (tangible) recreate an immersive dynamic spatial environment (intangible) while providing a direct feedback to individual experiences thus constitute the looped process of Emoti-Matter.

The successful accomplishment of the experiment prompted the designers to explore large scale Hybrid installations (Physical+Digital) with ubiquitous computing potentials in order to provide open access to a large number of participants. The installations will be set up in public spaces and will articulate the five iterative processes within a physical/spatial installation, as is shown towards the end of the video presentation. The installation’s material output (specially the 50x50x50 3d printed objects) will be produced as a mean value of the overall interaction results per day and will thus over a period of one month present the dynamism of tangible experiential qualities of the city via a physical exhibition. Topology per material output will differ based on the weight per scape. Smaller scale material outputs can also be used as souvenirs of the participants own collective interactions apart from the novel experience of being immersed in the resultant spatial and sonic scape.


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