Open Energy Visualization

by Fran Castillo

Open Energy Visualization (OEV) is a software to visualize, in real-time,the electricity consumption in the city. OEV explores visualization and interaction systems on different scales, what enable new forms of energy-human relationship.Augmentation system for energy data infrastructure will enable a new form of consciousness evolved, that allows us to redefine the energetic systems. OEV tries to be an OpenSofwarePlatform from which any citizen could visualize electricity consumption of their home-environment.

To the next stage of evolution of the Internet of Things, OEV considered the design of a visual system that is inserted into a new energy distribution model (Smart Grids) where the invention of technologies will enable a decentralized redistribution production electricity on a global scale, defining new frameworks for sustainable balance.

OEV intends to implement the Smart Grid(SG) system (Intelligent Electric Distribution Networks) through the invention of visualization technologies and autonomous production of energy, allowing greater optimization of the distribution of global electric energy. The R-T visualization of electricity consumption patterns and the simulation in predicting consumption, constitute new information systems through which to view energy & CO2 levels.

The model SG as opposed to the traditional model of hierarchical grid considered the design of a decentralized energy system, where anyone can become a node generator and distributor of renewable energy. OEV as visualization environment about information not percepcibles generate new representations of the dynamics of electrical behavior of humans in their living environment, these systems R-T visualization,will enable us to adapt the patterns of consumer behavior in relation to consumption levels recorded and the adaptation of consumption relative to R-T prices.

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