1,001 Models

Austria’s “Largest” Architectural Exhibition, created by architects and urban planners: This year’s Ars Electronica Festival will showcase visible manifestations of their inventiveness, visionary power and planning competence in the form of an amazingly diverse array of architectural models.


PostCityis a former Austrian Postal Service logistics center at Linz’s main railway station. Ars Electronica set up shop there in early May to begin preparations, together with artists, architects and futuristic visionaries in a broad spectrum of fields, for this year’s festival of art, technology and society. The 2015 festival theme is Habitats for the 21st Century. This will, of course, be an investigation of megacities , but will also scrutinize shrinking cities, the ones left behind when 200,000 people per day worldwide continue to migrate from rural regions to urban centers.
What will the cities of the future look like? Naturally, they’ll look the way architects and urban planners are designing them today. Whatever is built now will shape the cityscape for decades to come and decisively impact the next generation’s quality of life. The infrastructure that we don’t implement now will be sorely missed tomorrow. The city is a long-term project, and the “gravity of buildings” sets totally different lifecycles in motion than the disposable electronics of our smartphones. So how can we connect these two developments? How can we create smart cities that, instead of being a cause of anxiety, can actually enhance our lives? What should habitats for smart citizens citizens be like?

We’re especially intent on localization—relating these big issues to the specific facts and circumstances prevailing in Linz and Upper Austria, and implementing a point of departure that’s as simple as it is effective: a gigantic model city set up in the huge halls of PostCity. We want to create a visible manifestation of architects’ visionary power, planning competence and inventiveness, one that features as many architectural models as possible—regardless of whether they were actually built or only proposed, from a DIY prefab house to a futuristic high-rise, from houseboats to row houses, from a kindergarten to a factory …

1,001 Models of Habitats for the 21st Century – as a festival’s inspiring ambience, as showcase of excellence, and as this country’s “largest” architectural exhibition.

You want to take part in the project “1,001 Models”? We will contact many architects and urban planners in the coming days – should you be interested, please send us an e-mail to 1001modell@aec.at.