Campus Exhibition: Université Paris 8

Université Paris 8 (FR)
THU Sept. 3-SUN Sept. 7, 2015, 11 AM-9 PM,
MON Sept. 7, 2015, 11 AM-7 PM
Kunstuniversität Linz

The Campus Exhibition by Paris 8 University presents thirty years of digital research and creative work from pioneering artists and researchers in the early years as well as from young contemporary artists today. It is divided into five categories: film screenings in 3D CGI; interactive art installations and experimental videogames; digital literature–such as hypertext novels and generative poetry–and digital and interactive performances; virtual reality systems and augmented interactive books; and behavioural objects and sensorial prototypes. The exhibition perfectly coincides with the determination of Paris 8 to showcase its dynamism in the digital field by naming 2015 the year of “Université 8.0: Le pari numérique!” – “University 8.0: the digital challenge!”.

Five Exhibition Segments

Curator Jean-Luc Soret (FR) has divided the show into five clusters. There are films in 3-D; CGI, interactive installations and experimental video games; digital literature in the form of hypertext novels and generative poetry as well as digital interactive performances; virtual reality systems and interactive books; sensory prototypes and so-called behavioral objects.



Book Tales

Dominique Cunin, Mayumi Okura


Conduit d‘Aération collective : Lucile Haute, Alexandra Saemmer, Tomek Jarolim, Julien Pénasse, Aurélie Herbet


Digital Vocabulary

Woody Vasulka, SLIDERS_lab (F. Curien, J-M. Dallet)



Clémence Bugnicourt, Ulric Leprovost, Thomas Revidon, Laure Le Sidaner, Swann Martinez



Corentin Bertho, Christine Lumineau, Parnian Haghbin


Parallèles – Moi, EZIO

Sophie Daste, Eric Nao Nguy, Ana Cristina Villegas



Judith Guez, Jean-François Jègo, Dimitrios Batras, Marie-Hélène Tramus


Le Désert de Sonora

Bérénice Antoine, Clément Ducarteron, Gaël Labousse



Michel Bret, Edmond Couchot

Best animated image technology films

ATI department

Böhmische Dörfer

Alexandra Saemmer

Cauchemar, le jeu

Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Chath’a: La danse de Carthage

Salma Chaabane, Ghaya Khemiri

Deaf Poetry: saying everything without speaking

Chu-Yin Chen, Jean-François Jègo, Dimitrios Batras

Dumping in the imagination

Cédric Ciebien


Michel Bret


Kevin Bernard, Julien Capone, Charles Grillet-Courbières, Nicolas Gommez, Léo Menant

Hors Cadre

Samuel Bianchini, Didier Bouchon

Joue de la musique pour mon poème (poème percutant)

Philippe Bootz, Nicolas Bauffe – MIM Production

Journey: Fossils

Caroline Bernard, Damien Guichard


Judith Guez, Guillaume Bertinet, Kevin Wagrez

Lucky 2.0

Cédric Plessiet, Salma Chaabane, Ghaya Khemiri

Masques & Bergamasques

Hervé Huitric, Monique Nahas

Mètre Métrologue

Benoit Verjat


Sophie Daste, Karleen Groupierre, Adrien Mazaud

Painting Beings

Alain Lioret

Pékin pour mémoire

Jean-Louis Boissier


Hervé Huitric, Monique Nahas, Michel Saintourens, Marie-Hélène Tramus


Rémy Sohier, Collectif Alinéaire

Super Giant Robots

Piers Bishop

The MisB Kit

Reflective Interaction team

Vitamorph II

Chu-Yin Chen

Vivarium for Solar Insects

Laurent Mignonneau, Christa Sommerer, Chu-Yin Chen, Jean-François Jégo

5 generations of digital literature

Philippe Bootz

Ars Electronica Blog

“The organisation of themed-years at our university over the last few years has allowed the academic community to engage itself in a shared project. The Paris 8 University brought a strong support to this international event: Campus Exhibition in the Ars Electronica Festival 2015.” Read more on the Ars Electronica Blog!