Ars Electronica receives the Bank Austria Prize

Bank Austria Art Prize: Austria’s Highest-Endowed Art Prize Awarded to Ars Electronica

Press Release Bank Austria Art Prize / PDF

(Vienna/Linz, February 17, 2017) Bank Austria has awarded several annual art prizes since 2010. The highest-endowed among them at €100,000 is the Grand Art Prize. The nominations and the selection of the recipient are done by a jury made up of highly accomplished individuals representing a variety of fields. Their choice this year: Ars Electronica Linz. “Art reflects social developments and is an important contribution to a country’s social and economic stability” stated Robert Zadrazil, chairman of the board of UniCredit Bank Austria and juror. “This is why we subsidize projects and institutions whose outstanding achievements enrich the cultural landscape.” Gerfried Stocker and Diethard Schwarzmair, chief executives of Ars Electronica Linz GmbH, were delighted by the jury’s decision. “For us, the Bank Austria Art Prize is both an affirmation and an incentive to carry on.” Linz Mayor Klaus Luger, the city’s representative on the Ars Electronica board, fully concurred: “The Bank Austria Art Prize is as prestigious as it is generously endowed. It honors the quality and relevance of Ars Electronica’s work as well as the charisma of this institution that, since 1979, has remained true to its fundamental philosophy while, at the same time, reinventing itself from year to year.” Doris Lang-Mayerhofer, Linz’s Commissioner of Cultural Affairs and designated chairwoman of Ars Electronica Linz GmbH’s Board of Directors, also expressed her pleasure that such an important honor has been bestowed on this institution: “The Prix Ars Electronica—considered the ‘Oscar’ of digital art—is the flagship project that has made a name for this city worldwide. Now, Ars Electronica itself has garnered Austria’s highest-endowed art prize. This constitutes recognition of the pioneering achievements and innovative spirit that are evident at every Ars Electronica Festival. I sincerely congratulate Ars Electronica’s entire staff on this accomplishment.”
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