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Ars Electronica has been analyzing and commenting on the Digital Revolution since 1979. Our focus is always on current developments and possible future scenarios at the nexus of art, technology and society. The visions, ideas and projects that Ars Electronica advances in collaboration with artists, scientists, technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs and social activists from all over the world are innovative, radical and offbeat in the best sense of these terms. Ever since its inception, Ars Electronica has continually broadened the spectrum of its activities and thereby developed a comprehensive approach to dealing with techno-cultural phenomena that is unique in the world today. Ars Electronica is a culture venue, educational institution and research facility. It is based in Linz, Austria and has earned an international reputation.
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(Deutsch) Deep Space LIVE: Schwarze Löcher

(Deutsch) (Linz, 22.5.2018) Donnerstagabend, 24.5.2018, erzählt Astrofotograf Dietmar Hager über eine Gruppe von Schwarzen Löchern im Zentrum unserer Milchstraße.

(Deutsch) Family Days: Pfingsten

(Deutsch) (Linz, 16.5.2018) Ein abwechslungsreiches Programm erwartet BesucherInnen des Ars Electronica Center bei den Family Days am Pfingstwochenende.

Donnerstagabend im Ars Electronica Center

(Linz, 15.5.2018) BesucherInnen des Ars Electronica Center erwartet Donnerstagabend, 17.5.2018, ein buntes Programm.

Ars Electronica Center: Neue Ausstellung: Kreative Robotik

(Linz, 8.5.2018) Das Ars Electronica Center zeigt ab 9. Mai in der neuen Ausstellung „Kreative Robotik“, wie Industrieroboter außerhalb ihres gewohnten Umfelds als Medium künstlerischen und kreativen Ausdrucks eingesetzt werden.

CROSSING EUROPE im Ars Electronica Center

(Linz, April 25, 2018) The Ars Electronica Center will host screenings in conjunction with the Crossing Europe Film Festival this weekend.

Donnerstagabend im Ars Electronica Center

(Linz, April 24, 2018) Two interesting talks await visitors to the Ars Electronica Center this Thursday.

Deep Space LIVE: Natural Linz – What Grows Where and Why: Forest

(Linz, April 17, 2018) Various types of forests and their respective functions make up the subject of the next Deep Space LIVE on Thursday.

Deep Space Weekend: Adventures in Antiquity

(Linz, April 13, 2018) A lineup of fascinating talks is on tap for visitors to the next Deep Space Weekend entitled “Adventures in Antiquity.”

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Creative Commons LicensePhotos are available in our Flickr collection. All of our images are subject to a Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. These images may be used free of charge by a media outlet for purposes of reportage provided that proper attribution is given and the images are used in conjunction with content related to Ars Electronica. Current videos of every division of Ars Electronica can be found on our YouTube channel.

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Recent blog entries

Imparting a Direction to the Future: The 2018 STARTS Prize Jury

The jury made up of international experts charged with selecting the recipients of the 2018 STARTS Prizes awarded by the European Commission recently convened for an entire weekend at the Ars Electronica Center. Their mission: to recognize outstanding work at the interface of science, technology and art. The outcome is still confidential; nevertheless, jurors Francesca Bria and Seiichi Saito briefed us on a few trends in this interview.

Drones as Media Tool: Mixed Reality Drone Racing

What’s still just a construction site in Kapfenberg, Austria will soon be the world’s most modern stainless steel mill. One of the highlights of the groundbreaking ceremony for voestalpine’s new work was a spectacular mixed reality drone race staged right above the building site by Ars Electronica Solutions. We found out more in this interview.

Gallery of Code
Gallery of Code: Prototypes for Africa

Gallery of Code in Abuja, Nigeria is a multidisciplinary lab that Oskar Ekponimo has established with the support of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Ars Electronica and other partners. Its target audience is the country’s young generation of students and entrepreneurs. This is where art meets science, talks team up with workshops, and ideas lead to prototypes.

The Busy Bees at Ars Electronica

Anyone who’s walked all the way upstairs at the Ars Electronica Center lately is sure to have already discovered them—Ars Electronica’s busy bees. Now, a webcam delivers live images of the hives and their approximately 200,000 industrious inhabitants. We recently met with Harald Wohlschlager, the beekeeper in charge of this project, and learned some things worth knowing about bees.

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