The Futurelab staff includes experts in a wide array of disciplines at work on ideas that will exert a powerful effect on our future. Media art, architecture, design, interactive exhibitions, virtual reality and real-time graphics make up the Futurelab’s inspiration pool. Here, innovative people reconfigure available knowledge, build bridges to art, and come up with concepts designed to facilitate our interaction with the world of today and tomorrow.



Future Innovators Summit TOKYO

(Tokyo / Linz, February 1, 2018) “Tokyo as a Laboratory for the Future” is the theme of the Future Innovators Summit TOKYO that Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc. and Ars Electronica are hosting May 25-27, 2018 at TOKYO Midtown Atrium.

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Immersify – Innovative technologies for Virtual Reality

(Linz, January 18, 2018) A considerable amount of R&D work still needs to be done to haul Virtual Reality out of the niches it’s been confined to and launch it on its way to a huge consumer market share. That’s precisely the mission of Immersify, a European R&D consortium.

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More than Half a Million at Ars Electronica

(Linz, January 16, 2018) 180,654 visits to the Ars Electronica Center, 100,076 at the Ars Electronica Festival, and attendance of 273,792 at the big “Ars Electronica in Berlin” show—Ars Electronica’s three main activities this past year alone drew more than 550,000 visits.

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