Q. I’d like to submit an entry to Hybrid Art (or Digital Musics & Sound Art) but I can’t find the category. How can I submit my entry?

A. In 2018, Ars Electronica is accepting submissions for prize consideration in the following categories:

You have two possibilities to submit your work: you can rethink your project and consider if it’s appropriate for one of the other categories that are being staged in 2018; otherwise, you can wait to submit it in 2019. (Four categories are henceforth biennial: Digital Musics & Sound Art and Hybrid Art will be staged every two years, alternating with Interactive Art + and Digital Communities.)

Ars Electronica Festival

Q. I’d like to submit a work to be exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival. How can I do it?

A. The Ars Electronica Festival does not issue an open call for submissions. However, many projects are chosen from among those submitted to the Prix Ars Electronica. Our recommendation: submit your project for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration!


Q. Is there an entry fee?

A. No. Submitting an entry to the Prix Ars Electronica is free of charge.

Q. Can I submit my project in German?

A. Yes. You can submit your work in German; nevertheless, Ars Electronica recommends submitting it in English because many of our jurors don’t speak German.

Q. What sort of documentation has to be submitted with an entry?

A. Additional info about the required documentation is available in each category’s Submission Details [Checklist]

Q. What form should the “Description of your work” be in?

A. Please consider the fact that the jurors read the project description very carefully to get insights into your work. In the first part of the project description, you could provide an overview of your work. Then you could go into detail about your project and elaborate on your artistic concept. It’s important to keep in mind that the project description isn’t part of the artwork; rather, it constitutes an explanation of your work.

Q. Can I submit my work either via e-mail or via post?

A. No. To submit an entry, you must first register online and submit all mandatory information online.

Q. How can I submit additional material pertaining to my entry?

A. If you would like to send in additional material pertaining to your entry via post, then please prominently label it with your name and the project title. Please mail it by the submission deadline (date of postmark is determinative) to:
Ars Electroncia Linz GmbH
Ars-Electronica-Straße 1
4040 Linz, Austria
Code: Prix “Category (e.g. Hybrid Art)”

Technical Details

Q. Which video formats are acceptable for submissions? Is there a limit on the quantity of data?

A. The recommended video formats are:
Video container: mp4 with H264 Codec
Audio: stereo with 16 Bit and 44.1 kHz
Basically speaking, there is no limit on the quantity of data, but staying under 2 GB is better for uploading.

Q. How can I upload my work materials?

A. Log in and click on “Uploads” in the left menu. Here, you can upload videos, images as well as pdf. files.

Q. There’s no “Uploads” button! What do I do?

A. To upload your material, you need Flash Plugin. If your browser doesn’t permit this, then please activate Adobe Flash.
flash plugin

Database log-in

Q. I got registered online but I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail.

A. Once the registration process is complete, you receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don’t get one, please send a query to info@prixars.aec.at with your information (registered name, e-mail address).

Q. Help! I can’t log in! What do I do?

A. Please check whether the e-mail address has been entered correctly. (Is the first letter a capital letter?) If you still can’t log in, then send a query to info@prixars.aec.at with your information (registered name, e-mail address).

Q. I forgot my password. What do I do?

A. Please send a query to info@prixars.aec.at with your information (registered name, e-mail address).


Q. Do I receive notification that my work has not been selected for a prize?

A. No. Ars Electronica notifies an artist only when his/her work has been selected for a prize. We also send out a press release to inform all participants about the prizewinners.