2010 Prix Jury: [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant

Horst Hörtner (AT)
Horst Hörtner is a media artist and researcher. He is expert in design of Human Computer Interaction and holds several patents in this field. Hörtner is founding member of the Ars Electronica Futurelab in 1996 and since then directing this atelier/laboratory. He started to work in the field of media art in the 1980ies and co-founded the media art group x-space in Graz/Austria in 1990. Horst Hörtner is working in the nexus of art & science and giving lectures and talks at numerous international conferences and universities.
Michael Sterrer-Ebenführer
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Tina Auer (AT)
Tina Auer’s work features astoundingly smooth transitions among art, research, technology, entertainment and science. Together with the collective Time’s Up, she works on the creation, conception, implementation and evaluation of media-enhanced, interactively challenging, physically substantial architectures. These she understands as self-contained worlds that allude to scenarios of everyday life, that provide visitors/users (and Ms. Auer herself) with a playful and fascinating approach to the mixed realities they proffer, that fan the flames of the spirit of discovery, and make the act of exploring these worlds and the narratives that animate them an all-encompassing experience. She has toured Europe, Asia and Australia with works such as BodySPIN, the Hyperfitness Studio, Sensory Circus and Domestic Bliss. Linz has been her base station (i.e. workshop & lab complex) since 1996.
Gabriele Kotsis (AT)
Gabriele Kotsis received her masters degree in business informatics at the University of VIenna in 1991. Her PhD Thesis on Performance Management (1995) was honored with the Heinz-Zemanek Preis. After visiting professor positions at the Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration (2001) and at the Copenhagen Business School (2002), she is holding a full professor position in computer science at the Telecooperation Department at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. Her research interests include the design and development of cooperative systems with a focus on mobile and internet computing, multimodality and performance. From April 2003 to April 2007 she was president of the Austrian Computer Society. Since October 2007 she is vice rector for research and gender equality at the JKU Linz.

Source: Fotozauber

Stefan M. Seydel
Stefan M. Seydel was born in 1965 in Tessin, Switzerland. He earned his Master of Social Work degree (major: human rights; studies with Silvia Staub-Bernasconi) at the ZPSA–Center for Advanced Studies in Social Work in Berlin, and an entrepreneurial management certificate from the University of St. Gallen, and is a certified architectural draftsman. He has served as a social worker in the public health field. In 1997, he founded his own company, intervention gmbh. In 2006, he launched rebell.tv AG, which features pilot programming and content that focuses on controversial subject matter, in addition to conceiving, implementing and managing internet-based information platforms and campaigns. He has extensive teaching experience in the fields of project management, evaluation, and information & quality management. He is an expert examiner for diploma examinations in the field of social work and in Mediamatik occupational training. He has published extensively.
http://neugieronautik.ch/sms and http://dfdu.org