MASSES: Motors And Stones Searching for Equilibrium State

THU 8 September - MON 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM, POSTCITY

Quadrature (DE)

Quadrature’s installation manifests the meaning of a Sisyphean task. The sole purpose of the machine is to maintain two large stones on a steel plate in perfect equilibrium. An endless succession of feedback effects and adjustments is necessary to prevent the incessantly threatening, imminent loss of balance.

Instead of achieving the calm stability that’s being pursued, the work is in a state of motion that’s as constant as it is delicate—a situation between falling and floating. It’s the same one our modern measuring instruments are often in too. As their precision is refined to a higher and higher degree, their vulnerability increases accordingly, and their task becomes one of compensating for ever-more-minute disturbances.