Window to the World

THU 8 September - SUN 11 September 10AM-8PM
MON 12 September 10AM-6PM
Ars Electronica Center
Window to the world

CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (DK), TME Toyota Motor Europe (EU)

An automobile’s windshield only had to be transparent and shatterproof heretofore. But now, “Window to the World” manifests a futuristic vision of mobility in which the glass front panel separating the passenger compartment from the world extends an invitation to a new form of interaction between inside and outside. The pane becomes an interface that moves driving beyond transportation and makes the car a vehicle for entertainment, play and information.

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and CIID collaboratively developed a speculative concept in which the safety glass becomes a touchscreen, and Augmented Reality gives the outside world a voice. Window to the World informs passengers about things worth seeing in and knowing about their immediate surroundings, and thus interrelates those inside with the outside. Plus, you can create drawings on the glass’ interior surface that then react to the scenery rushing past and thus develop a life of their own.