Ars Electronica gathers and clusters ideas, visions and enlightening insights into today’s Information Society. In this context, Ars Electronica Solutions, Ars Electronica’s newest division, creates customized solutions for interactive products and services in the areas of Event & Show Design, Brandlands & Exhibitions and Urban Media Development.
Products and services are adapted to the individual needs of a highly diversified list of international clients, and we make them available flexibly both on a short-term lease or outright purchase basis.

Communication & Visualization

The primary aims of Ars Electronica Solutions’ products and services are visualizing information and communicating it effectively. They can be deployed in very diverse ways that transcend the boundaries between business sectors. In the Event area, our products are also available on a rental basis.

The Ars Electronica Network Yields an Innovative Advantage

The way we go about creativity exemplifies Ars Electronica’s media art approach. In carrying out assignments, we rely on the comprehensive competence network of Ars Electronica: Museum, Festival, Prix and Futurelab. This unique web of connectedness in combination with the latest technologies and communications methods assures that the projects we implement are positioned right on the leading edge and oriented on the future.

From Prototype to Serial Production

Ars Electronica Solutions analyzes the latest research findings and trends for their applicability to and utility for a broad spectrum of clients in a wide array of businesses. These market analyses often lead to the development of prototypes ready for the next level: serial production and mass marketing. That’s how we create interactive products and services that can be custom-tailored to our clients’ particular situation and specific needs. And that’s what it takes to move successfully through all the links in the process chain: from idea and vision to prototype development to an innovative product.

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