How can you deploy BeeHive?

  • Events of all kinds
  • Festivals
  • Museums
  • Tourism

What does BeeHive offer you?

  • Modern way to get across information
  • Intuitive, convenient use
  • Immediate access to constantly updated data
  • Quick access to detailed information
  • Fun, playful way to deal with information

Project Beehive was launched as an experiment at the 2013 Ars Electronica Festival. Its objective is to capture and document a major event from the audience’s point of view. Like a swarm of bees—thus the project’s name—the participants fan out and, with the help of their smartphones running a customized app, collect images of what they consider significant, interesting, and exciting stuff, tag their shots, and add them to a pool of pictures. At a central meeting point all the collected images are presented to the public. GeoPulse, an interactive visualization tool also developed by Ars Electronica, provides visitors to the Beehive with a very user-friendly way to navigate through the photographs and locations.

Exemplary Application:
Registered participants swarm out with their smartphones, capture footage of an event from a multitude of perspectives and return it (to the hive) to be ingested into the collective pool. At the “Café Europa” an interactive table enables the visitors of the European Capital of Culture to select and view videos that they find interesting in terms of topic or place.

Project description

Photo Credits: Florian Voggeneder, Michael Badics, Martin Hieslmair