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Brain-Computer Interface Applications for Your Company

Touch interface was yesterday’s news. Modern users control devices with their brain! Via a brain-computer interface (BCI), the brain communicates “directly” with a computer interface, and this imparts a magical touch to a wide array of applications. Typing in texts by thinking them, playing single- or multi-user games of skill, or “subconsciously” ranking graphic information are not only lots of fun; there is also a variety of ways to deploy these modes of human-machine communication at events, trade shows and festivals, as well as in the form of temporary or long-term installations.

To do the job, Ars Electronica works together with g.tec medical engineering, the company that developed the first commercially-available BCI in 1999 and now distributes its products in over 60 countries worldwide.

Getting started using this technology is barrier-free and intuitive, and there is huge assortment of applications to deliver exactly what the client is looking for. Plus, a BCI can function in tandem with a data converter to implement user-friendly communication with actual machines and devices as a means of controlling their functions.


Brain Ranking, Tel Aviv
Visitors hooked up to a BCI were shown various cultural sites in Tel Aviv. Then come the fascinating insights—measuring the brainwaves the images evoke and ranking them on that basis.

Driving construction equipment, Wacker Neuson
At the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival, visitors could steer an earthmover using only their eye movements and mental powers.

Ars Electronica Center
On our home playground, you can write a letter using only the power of your thoughts, let the computer read your mind, or bring it on in the ultimate Battle of the Brains and play classic games like Pong and Pac Man using this extraordinary form of interaction.

Foto Credits: Ars Electronica / Adi Hoesle / Tomer Foltyn / Tom Mesic


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