Deep Space mobile

How can you deploy Deep Space Mobile ?

  • Events of all kinds
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Product shows
  • 3-D planning & simulation environments

What does Deep Space Mobile offer you?

  • Walk-through 3-D spaces
  • Close-up views of gigapixel images
  • Interactive presentation
  • Individualized staging
  • Novel product experience
  • Unforgettable event highlight
High-definition projectors produce two-dimensional or three-dimensional gigapixel images, visualizations and films—their size, clarity and brilliance and the completely new points of view they evoke surprising the audiences that behold them. The individually designed content ranges from famous historical paintings, architectural masterpieces and extraordinary natural events all the way to a journey through the galaxy.

Exemplary application:
Science Center Singapore – Deep Space Mobile
A mobile version of Deep Space was developed especially for the “Interplay” exhibition in Science Center Singapore. Approximately 8×5-meter projections on the space’s wall and floor feature contents that have been favorites of visitors to the Ars Electronica Center. The photographs, films, animated shorts and 3-D applications are brilliantly colored and crystal clear. Wearing 3-D glasses makes it seem like you could reach out and touch what you see. Strewn into the mix are artistic applications that put our sense of space and our perceptions to the test.
Project description

Photo Credits: Florian Voggeneder