History Book

How can you deploy History Book ?

  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Libraries
  • Visitors centers
  • Temporary or permanent exhibit

What does History Book offer you?

  • Modern way to get across information
  • Intuitive, convenient use
  • Fun, playful way to deal with information
The History Book is both a work of art and a means of conveying information. Visitors bring the book’s blank pages to life via a touch interface that enables them to navigate through its diverse content. This installation is an ideal medium to get across a broad spectrum of material. Historical newspapers, texts and documents can be supplemented with commentaries and multimedia content, and thus invite users to browse further.

Exemplary application:
Styria – History Book at the Styriaversum
The interactive History Book lets viewers take a fascinating look at the history of the company and puts it in the context of larger global developments. This apparently empty book comes to life via touch, and its pages fill with historic newspaper reportage and commentary. An interface lets users access a wide array of newspapers in numerous languages.
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Photo Credits: Styria Media Group/Marija Karzaij


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