How can you deploy (In)Sights?

  • Visitors’ centers
  • Showrooms and trade shows
  • Roadshows and museums
  • Temporary or long-term installation

What does (In)Sights offer you?

  • Gets across information interactively
  • Intuitive, simple operation
  • Attractive freebie
  • High degree of acceptance by all age groups
  • Dovetails analog and digital worlds
(In)Sights takes a fun, playful approach to interlinking real objects with digital information. The addition of an interactive level enhances the process of experiencing the objects.

(In)Sights is simple to install and can be scaled to any degree desired. Available models range from multi-user touch-tables to large-scale wall-mounted installations. Through the use of a scan module, any small object—a postcard, for instance, or a chess piece—can trigger the flow of information, which is displayed directly on screens in various formats such as text, image and video. This turns your individually designed content into an emotionally appealing, comprehensible experience for your customers. (In)Sights inspires visitors to engage in a conversation about what they’ve just experienced, and the objects themselves also make excellent souvenirs.

Exemplary application:
The PlayTable in Musiktheater Linz
Visitors can use this installation to immerse themselves in 14 different thematic domains. Encoded postcards provide access to multimedia content that appears as text, image or film on the adjacent screens. So-called hearing cups especially designed for this venue deliver superb sound quality and thus provide a unique, unforgettable experience.
Link: PlayTable at Musiktheater

Photo Credits: Stephan Pointner, My Trinh Gardiner, Michael Badics