Mobile Environment

How can you deploy Mobile Environment ?

  • Showrooms and trade shows
  • Museums
  • Tourism
  • Training & continuing professional education
  • Events of all kinds
  • Product shows
  • Product presentations in general

What does Mobile Environment offer you?

  • Interactive trade show booths
  • Modern way to get across information
  • Intuitive, convenient use
  • Quick access to detailed information
  • Immediate access to constantly updated data
  • Innovative way to provide customers with advice and support
  • Fun, playful way to deal with information
Mobile Environment offers individual software solutions for a broad spectrum of themes. From coming up with a concept, choosing among the many programming, design and marketing options, all the way to providing ongoing maintenance—we see to your needs competently and reliably.

We make expertise acquired over more than 30 years in configuring digital worlds available to our clients. Competently and reliably, we advise you on the creation of a concept and accompany you through the various developmental stages of your software. Our international software development team brings together skills and experience from all over the world to get you properly outfitted with the technology of tomorrow. Our designers work at the nexus of technology, society and art to come up with a configuration custom-tailored to your needs. Together, we create mobile solutions that live up to the expectations of today’s users and deliver an impressive foretaste of the future.

Exemplary Application:
The APP developed for MuseumsQuartier, Vienna’s stylish art museum ensemble, informs users about the facility’s entire lineup and also directs their attention to potentially interesting events going on about town. The Soundcloud interface creates a direct musical experience; the mobile site map provides a very user-friendly way for visitors to navigate around the MQ. Brand new feature: APP users accumulate points and are regularly rewarded with attractive prizes.
Link: MQ APP


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