How can you deploy PowerWall?

  • Showrooms and trade shows
  • Visitors’ centers
  • Event visualizations
  • Product platform at the point of sale
  • Product presentations in general
  • Event documentation
  • Interactive kiosk systems

What does PowerWall offer you?

  • Interactive trade show booths
  • Novel product experience for customers
  • Innovative way to provide customers with advice and support
  • Shop-in-shop function
  • Large-format display of content
  • Integration of real-time data
  • Fun, playful way of dealing with information
  • Simplified visualization of complex interrelationships
PowerWall enables customers to interact with multimedia content. Whether on a small screen or a jumbo projection surface, presentations can be viewed by several individuals simultaneously. And they’re not just passively consuming what they see; PowerWall provides fresh new perspectives that motivate viewers to take an active approach to the content confronting them.

Gesture-controlled Multimedia Wall
A few “magical” hand motions are all it takes to bring up images of products on screen together with detailed views, information about how they work as well as available accessories, and to depict this material in a wide array of formats. This enables sales associates to respond quicker and more precisely to customers’ wishes and questions. And even when the browsing is left up to the customers themselves, the intuitive learning process and independent usage motivate customers to actively embark on a journey of discovery through your entire product line.
Exemplary Application:
backaldrin – IBA WALL
An extraordinary trade show experience—backaldrin at Weltmarkt des Backens, a huge international gathering of professional bakers and confectioners. The installation let conventioneers consider this company from a new point of view. Activated by gestures, the multimedia wall invited booth visitors to encounter the backaldrin brand in a profound and unprecedented way. Multimedia highlight: the company’s whole line could be experienced actively, which was highly conducive to interaction between customers and booth personnel.

Intelligent Magazine / LibroVision
Simple hand-motions are all it takes for users to browse through a virtual book or magazine, or enlarge and shift its contents. There’s no need to physically touch the screen; camera tracking makes it happen. All gestures are captured in real time, interpreted, and the results forwarded to the control system. It’s child’s play for customers to “leaf” through content.
Exemplary Application:
LibroVision in the Crystal Ship
Via simple gestures, cruise passengers reading the LibroVision virtual book can access information about their ship’s history and about the entire fleet of Danube shipping company Wurm + Köck.
Link: LibroVision in the Crystal Ship

Touchable PowerWall
The multi-touch solution to get across complex content enables visitors to browse through digital information by touching the screens. The information “swims” on a multi-touch surface, so that several users can explore it at the same time. In doing so, they can enlarge or rotate the images, videos and texts, and swap them among themselves.
Exemplary Application:
ArchiveTable for the NextComic Exhibition
For a themed issue about TV series, “Strapazin,” a Swiss magazine devoted to comics, invited more than 150 artists from all over the world to render their favorite show in a single comic strip. Now, visitors to the Ars Electronica Center’s Lobby can enjoy these strips on the ArchiveTable designed by Ars Electronica Solutions.
Link: ArchiveTable for the NextComic Exhibition


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