2-D and 3-D Visualizations

How can you deploy 2-D and 3-D Visualizations?

  • Events of all kinds
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Stage-based visualizations
  • Product shows
  • Showrooms and trade shows
  • 3-D planning & simulation environments

What does DeepSpace Mobile offer you?

  • Walk-through 3-D spaces
  • Adaptable in real time
  • Close-up views of gigapixel images
  • Interactive presentation
  • Individualized staging
  • Novel product experience
  • Unforgettable event highlight
2-D and 3-D Visualizations offer your customers and visitors new dimensions of visual and acoustic perception. Breathtaking shifts of perspective allow for enchanting glimpses and new insights. Spectacular images and animation blend in real time with sound and performance into fascinating worlds.

Virtual Environment
The real-time 3-D simulation immerses you into an astoundingly detailed digital depiction of a physical space or an object. This makes possible a totally new mode of planning, product presentation and providing customer service. Every product in your line can be portrayed in the setting most suitable to it, and the depiction customized to suit a customer’s wishes. The lighting conditions, surface structures, objects, colors and spatial parameters can be modified at will, whereby real product samples can serve as triggers for the respective changes.
Exemplary application:
Kaindl’s Virtual Apartment
Virtual Environment makes it possible to present Kaindl’s entire product line in a way that’s totally unique and doesn’t take up too much space. A scan module working together with product samples equipped with RFID chips triggers the depiction of the particular product in the desired setting. Customers can move about freely in a virtual space and realistically experience their individual interior design concepts.
Link: Virtual Apartment

3D Music Visualizations
Whatever you’re staging—a modern theatrical production, product show, festival or Richard Wagner’s “Das Rheingold”—deploying state-of-the-art 3-D technology engenders an extraordinary interplay of spatial, visual and acoustic effects.
Exemplary applications:
The Rite of Spring
Joseph Haydn: Surprise Symphony
Antonin Dvořák: New World Symphony

The repertoire of enthralling visualizations produced by the 3-D professionals on the staff of the Futurelab and Solutions is by no means limited to the classics of the past! We very much look forward to working together with you to conceive, plan and create an unforgettable visual experience custom-tailored to your audience.

Photo credits: Christoph Kremer


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