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Thursday, 5.9.2013

Start | Friday, 6.9.

WIR SIND HIER - Festival-Opening

Like the 2013 Ars Electronica Festival itself, a long gestation period has also preceded Wir sind hier (We Are Here), the live performance in Linz’s Tabakfabrik that will kick off this year’s conclave. Since mid-July, the website has been the hub of the cross-medial art project launched by artist, university instructor and software entrepreneur Salvatore Vanasco (IT/DE).

The Tabakfabrik turns into a gigantic stage.

Werdet Laut! - The User-Generated-Choir

FM Einheit provides the sound.

The Spaxels are another highlight of the Show. Find more pictures on Flickr

Huang Yi & KUKA

Man and Machine create a beautiful symbiosis.


The exhibitions of
TOTAL RECALL - The Evolution of Memory open on Thursday.

TOTAL RECALL - Exhibition

CyberArts 2013

HR Giger - Die Kunst der Biomechanik

Interface Cultures - Use at your own risk!

Campus Exhibition - IL(L) Machine

Schizophrenia Taiwan


This special tent is host for some great Performances.

Friday, 6.9.

Friday, 6.9.2013

Thursday, 5.9. | Saturday, 7.9.

TOTAL RECALL - Symposium

The Symposium discusses various take on memory and data.

Panel 1

Panel 2

John-Dylan Haynes (UK/DE) can read your mind.

Helga Rohra (DE) works as a dolmetscher and talks about her experiences with living with dementia.

Nick Goldman (UK) can code digital data into DNA.

Charlotte Jarvis (UK) translates Goldman's ideas into artistic statements.

PRIX Ars Electronica Gala

During the PRIX Gala, the Golden Nica, the most important media-art-prize, is awarded.

Koen van Mechelen (BE)
Golden Nica Hybrid Arts

Quayola (IT), Memo Akten (TR)
Golden Nica Computer Animation/Film/VFX

Michel Décosterd (CH), André Décosterd (CH)
Golden Nica Interactive Art

Nicolas Bernier (CA)
Golden Nica Digital Musics & Sound Art

El Campo de Cebada (ES)
Golden Nica Digital Communities

Dominik Koller (AT)
Golden Nica u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD

Claudia Schmied, minister of education and culture presents the Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria to Hannes Leopoldseder (co-founder of Ars Electronica Festival and inventor of Prix Ars Electronica).


The academy-award-winner is Featured Artist of TOTAL RECALL.

The Memory of Le Sacre du Printemps

Dennis Russell Davies (US/AT), Maki Namekawa (JP/AT) honor the 100th anniversary of Igor Strawinskys masterpiece.

Thursday, 5.9. | Saturday, 7.9.

Saturday, 7.9.2013

Friday, 6.9. | Sunday, 8.9.

Prix Forum

The Winners of the Prix Ars Electronica 2013 present and discuss their work.

Prix Forum - Computer Animation

Prix Forum - Interactive Art

Prix Forum - Digital Communities

Prix Forum - Hybrid Art

voestalpine Klangwolke 2013 - Bruckner lebt!

Find more pictures of
voestalpine Klangwolke 2013 - Bruckner lebt!
on Flickr



Fadi Dorninger fills the Mariendom with magical Sounds.

Wolfang Fadi Dorninger (AT)

Richard Eigner (AT)

Volker Kagerer (AT)

What do souvenirs remind you of?

Memories are being played with.

Friday, 6.9. | Sunday, 8.9.

Sunday, 8.9.2013

Saturday, 7.9. | Monday, 9.9.

The Future Rock Show

Experts in the field of entertainment discuss the future of their business.

Salvatore Vanasco (DE, WIR SIND HIER), Horst Hörtner (AT, Spaxels)

Sven Sören Beyer (DE, phase7), Damian Kulash (US, OKGo), Jonathan Parsons (AU, Experimenta 2014)

TOTAL RECALL - Symposium Panel 3

Claudia Schmölders (DE) asks why there's no female voices in old audio-recordings.

Frank Hartmann (DE) tells the story of the beginning of data-processing.

Michael Buckland (US) shows another perspective on the same matter.

Hiroshi Ishiguro (JP) talkas about the importance of memories for robots.

Big Concertnight

This is the highlight for Music- and Visuals-Lovers.

Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT) - 10th Symphony by Philip Glass (US)


Acoustic Time Travel / Bill Fontana (US)


Aakash Odedra (UK) and Lewis Major (AU) collaborate with the Futurelab to create a multi-media Dance-Performance about dyslexia.

Saturday, 7.9. | Monday, 9.9.

Monday, 9.9.2013

Sunday, 8.9. | Photo/Video


Monday is all about the Futurefestival of the next generation.

Circus Lumineszenz Playground / Leo Bettinelli (AR)

Ars Electronica Center

Connecting Cities turns the Center into an artpiece.

Project Genesis is the new exhibition in the Center.

The Listener / Patricia Piccinini (IT)

There's also new installations.

Your-Cosmos / Miraikan (JP)

The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty / Alistair McClymont (UK)

Wall / Rejane Cantoni, Leonardo Crescenti (both BR)

Meter Crawler / Keiko Takahashi (JP)

Sunday, 8.9. | Photo/Video


Monday, 9.9. | Blog/Twitter




The Bienenstockis a new take on documenting events.

Monday, 9.9. | Blog/Twitter


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