u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival

The Future Festival of the Next Generation
September 7-11, 2017, POSTCITY Linz

Once again this year, the “festival within the festival” is an invitation to experiment and try out new things. At u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, festival vistors can test new technologies, uncommon models for living, or concepts and ideas in this open lab. Everyone can decide for themselves how much time they want to devote to a project—whether it is only five minutes or a whole day. There a lot to experience and discover throughout the festival village. Artists, associations and companies make up the dramatis personae of this playground, where we can immerse ourselves in the world of tomorrow. This is the perfect spot for tinkerers, lateral thinkers and people with a thirst for knowledge!

Radical Structures

This year’s theme, Perspectives, invites festival visitors to consider the future from a different point of view. Perspectives define many aspects of our life. What if we extract an individual pixel from a high-definition image and reinsert it at another location—what does this shift trigger? Is it even recognizable in the image? Or changing our perspective on political problems and social issues—shouldn’t we do that regularly as part of a wisely thought-out life? How can we enable ourselves to shift our perspective? It often happens that things appear differently “in a new light”, and “sleeping on it” is conducive to a new point of view. To oversimplify this a bit—we can also influence perspectives via experiences and decisions. Opinions about other people form on the basis of various perspectives.

Zum Programm 2017

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This was the 2016 u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival…