Deep Space

Experience a new dimension of travel through space and time. Immerse yourself into a realm of breathtaking 3D imagery and behold incredible high-definition visuals in jumbo, 16x9-meter format!


Deep Space delivers incomparable spectacles—nowhere else on Earth can you experience photographic images, films, animation sequences and 3D applications at such high resolution in these dimensions. A total of eight 1080p HD and Active Stereo-capable Barco Galaxy NH12 projectors let you enjoy crystal-clear, 16x9-meter images displayed on the Deep Space’s wall and floor. And as if that weren’t enough, a viewing platform arrayed 5 meters up provides just the right vantage point from which to enjoy the whole mind-blowing scene!


Deep Space offers you the opportunity to travel to far-away or long-vanished places and to see things you’ve never feasted your eyes on before! You can blast off on a journey through the entire known universe, ski at 140 km/h down Kitzbühel’s Streif, the world’s most challenging downhill run, take a stroll through Thebes in ancient Egypt, or populate a cartoon ocean with sea creatures you design yourself. Artworks of incredible beauty will enchant you; you’ll marvel at impressive images from diverse domains of science and art; the death-defying stunts of extreme athletes will literally take your breath away!




Enjoy interactive flights in 3-D through the entire known universe in breathtaking images and experience the dimensions of space like never before.

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(Deutsch) Stehen Sie den beeindruckenden Naturschauspielen, den Polarlichtern, regelrecht gegenüber und genießen Sie die Zeitrafferaufnahmen im Deep Space.

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TWAN – The World at Night

(Deutsch) Lassen Sie sich von der Schönheit des Nachthimmels begeistern und blicken Sie im Deep Space von der Erde aus in die Sterne.

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Hubble Space Telescope

(Deutsch) Ferne Galaxien rücken mit dem Hubble Space Telescope der NASA in greifbare Nähe. Im Deep Space erwartet Sie eine Auswahl an hochauflösenden Fotos.

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NASA World Wind

(Deutsch) Fliegen Sie in 3-D wie ein Vogel über sämtliche Regionen unserer Erde – über schneebedeckte Gebirgszüge, über blaue Seen, grüne Wälder oder durch Straßenschluchten der Metropolen. Die Software NASA World Wind macht es möglich.

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(Deutsch) Ob Jahreszeiten, Waldbestände oder die Erde bei Nacht. Zahlreiche Visualisierungen des Blauen Planeten ermöglichen es Ihnen, die vielschichtigen globalen Zusammenhänge besser zu begreifen.

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Ebstorf Map

(Deutsch) Die größte Weltkarte des Mittelalters mitsamt ihren zahlreichen Details spiegelt das Weltbild dieser Zeit wider wie keine andere.

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ISS Overflight

(Deutsch) Blicken Sie wie die WissenschaftlerInnen an Bord der Internationalen Raumstation auf den Blauen Planeten.

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DORIS 3-D-Laserscans

(Deutsch) Raumbezogene Daten, wie sie DORIS des Landes Oberösterreich sammelt, bilden wichtige Entscheidungsgrundlagen für die Behörden Oberösterreichs.

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On the Beach

The visual art project “On the Beach” by Michaela Konrad takes Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and comic fan, as a starting point.

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The Big Picture – The biggest group picture of the world

The popping of flashbulbs was tremendous on the evening of September 1, 2012. Tens of thousands of spectators pulled out simultaneously their digital camera or their smartphone during the voestalpine Klangwolke in the Danube Park, shot at the same time a picture of their surroundings and sent them to Ars Electronica. The result is the largest snapshot that ever existed, and which is now available inside the Deep Space as a high-resolution mosaic to interested visitors. Ask an infotrainer if you want to zoom into this unique collection of photos or just want to see the whole big picture.

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Streif in 3-D

Here’s your big chance to experience what it’s like to race down the world’s most famous ski slope—hearing the whoosh of the wind and the skis gliding over the packed snow as you speed towards the finish line at 90 MPH! Video auf YouTube credit: Servus TV, Red Bull

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The Mangarium in Ars Electronica’s Deep Space is a 300-m2 virtual aquarium populated by comic fish drawn by internationally-renowned comic artists and heir up-and-coming young colleagues! A project in conjunction with NEXTCOMIC Festival 2011, March 4-11, 2011

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Memories of Now

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Papyrate’s Island

You find yourself on a South Sea island that consists totally of an industrious painter’s drawings that have come to life!

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Selections from Ôr’ganik Constructions

With Kenneth A. Huff at Deep Space, you will see something that you have never seen before, but also something that is vaguely familiar. Inspired by the random, yet structured beauty and minute details of nature (flora, fauna and mineral), his very high resolution images are creating an illusion of reality even while you are [...]

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Ancient Thebes

This is a virtual 3D impression of a historical treasure, the royal city of Thebes that has been a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site since 1979. In the remains of this almost 5,000-year-old realm of pharaohs, real objects are reproduced at 1 centimeter per pixel. The extraordinary aesthetics of the real data illustrate state-of-the-art approaches to [...]

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Explore the world’s largest temple complex and discover the diversity of mythic Apsaras, demigod dancers made of stone. The real data gathered by 3D laser scanners are also being used in conjunction with the job of stabilizing various monuments on the Angkor site. credit: CyArk (Sponsored by: Kacyra Family Foundation (KFF))

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Cathedral of Beauvais

Beauvais Cathedral’s audacious design has led to the structure’s collapse twice already. This Gothic masterpiece, the highest-vaulted cathedral in the world, has now been digitally preserved via 3D laser scanner. Visitors to Deep Space can now explore the partially colored real data. credit: CyArk (Sponsored by: Kacyra Family Foundation (KFF), National Science Foundation (NSF), THE [...]

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Piazza del Duomo, Pisa

The Piazza del Duomo featuring the world’s most famous tilted building, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is depicted in Deep Space by an image consisting of 256,653,388 individual laser points. Stereoscopically projected, the point-cloud model with a maximum deviation of 3mm delivers an architecturally precise impression of the real space. credit: CyArk (Sponsored by: CNR-ISTI [...]

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Mesa Verde

This spectacular civilization built into massive stone cliffs is full of secrets. In Deep Space, you can explore the archeological site of a highly developed American Indian tribe, the Anasazis. Protected as a national park, Mesa Verde is silent testimony to the unique social community that settled on this “green plateau” in the 6th century. [...]

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Virtual Pompeii? What is probably the world’s largest completely contiguous urban ruin was preserved over the centuries by the ashes spewed by an outbreak of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79. This was also the first cultural heritage site to be preserved with 3D laser-scan technology. The data that forms the basis for Deep Space’s [...]

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Saint Sebald Church

A 3D laser scan provided the real data as the basis for a model in which interior and exterior views are combined to provide an overall impression of Nürnberg, Germany’s Saint Sebald Church that was almost totally destroyed during World War II. In Deep Space, you can experience, in addition to impressive cultural treasures, the [...]

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The virtual depiction of Tikal puts you right on-site in the ancient Maya civilization’s largest city. You’ll explore temples whose dimensions amazed even the archeologists involved in their excavation! High-definition photography by xRez Studio, Inc. provided precise values for the coloration of 3D models produced from real data. credit: CyArk

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Right in the midst of Linz, experience fascinating natural events, places full of life, and unexpected perspectives. Let Ars Electronica take you on a combined nature walk and cultural excursion in 2009.

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xRez in Focus

Urban structures, vast landscapes, extreme locations, ingenious nature – the large scale panoramic images created by xRez Studio and the unique projection system at Deep Space synthesize the fascination of zooming deeper and deeper into unpredictable details of photography and the sublimity of panoramic views. Many days of uninterrupted processing for a single image to [...]

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Obama’s Inaugural Celebration

The image, taken through high, whispy white clouds over Washington D.C., shows the monuments along the National Mall and masses of people between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. Among the many interesting features in the image are the clusters of people gathered around large jumbotron screens. Geoeye-1 is able to discern objects on the [...]

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