How can you deploy GeoPulse?

  • Tourism
  • Training & continuing professional education
  • Construction & infrastructure projects
  • Urban planning
  • Museums
  • Showrooms and trade shows
  • Municipality’s neighborhood service centers

What does GeoPulse offer you?

  • Simulated depiction of real-world facts & circumstances
  • Simple visualization of complex information
  • Quick access to detailed information
  • Immediate access to constantly updated data
  • Set-ups ranging from small to large, mobile as well as stationary
GeoPulse is an interactive, three-dimensional experiential space designed to depict complex information. It turns abstract databases into user-friendly worlds of experience.

GeoPulse is based on geographic information systems, and makes it possible to depict a selected geographical area—a region or an entire country. Maps and aerial photographs of the area can be linked up with any form of data. Statistical & demographic information, simulations, real-time data, reports on weather conditions and the current traffic situation—the range of potential data sources is unlimited. An interactive pen gives visitors an intuitive, simple way to explore complex material and comprehend interrelationships. Plus, as a multiuser installation, several individuals can simultaneously consider and analyze global and local processes and information. In conjunction with the 2013 Austrian State Prize for Multimedia and e-Business, GeoPulse received the Jury’s Award of Distinction.

Exemplary application:
GeoPulse exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center
GeoPulse puts one of the world’s most modern and most innovative simulation & visualization tools into the hands of AEC visitors. Equipped with a digital pen, installation users enter the walk-through, interactive database and tap on book pages, city maps, wall surfaces and other objects to explore Linz or several other cities worldwide literally single-handedly. They can take a playful approach to absorbing facts worth knowing about local and global processes, considering interrelationships from new perspectives, and comparing these diverse scenarios.
Link: GeoPulse at AEC