How can you deploy Shadowgram?

  • Showrooms and trade shows
  • Roadshows and museums
  • Visitors’ centers
  • Municipality’s neighborhood service centers
  • Training & continuing professional education
  • Events of all kinds

What does Shadowgram offer you?

  • Fun, playful encounter with current issues
  • Means of obtaining customer feedback
  • Fosters creativity
  • Anonymous yet individualized
  • Highly entertaining
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Takes up very little space
Shadowgram brings out visitors’ own creativity. Silhouette images reveal an entire world of thinking about current issues. With playful ease, opinions materialize into a real picture.

A video camera, a large illuminated panel, image analysis software and a vinyl cutter go into producing a silhouette of a person or an object, which is then printed out as a sticker that, together with a speech balloon, is applied to a picture, board or map. Visitors can then write their personal thoughts and opinions about topical issues in the speech balloon. The sum of all silhouettes and accompanying speech balloons speak loud and clear about current opinions and trends.

Exemplary Application:
Shadowgram at the 17th Austrian Event Award
Ars Electronica’s Shadowgram invited visitors to engage in a bit of social brainstorming. During the event, artist Christian Ridder painted a large-format picture that was then complemented by silhouettes and speech balloons. In accordance with the “From Spectacle to Meaning” theme, the upshot was a Gesamtkunstwerk that captured and reflected the mood at the event.
Link: Austrian Event Award

Shadowgram was realized by the Ars Electronica Futurelab.