Tourismusverband HOCHsteiermark

Trade Show Table HOCHsteiermark

For Tourismusverband HOCHsteiermark, we developed an easily transportable trade show table and custom-designed application to give the inbound tourism promotion agency an attractive, innovative way to showcase the landscapes of one of Austria’s most breathtaking areas. To achieve this, fairgoers are provided with interactive access to information on a wide variety of topics.

Content appears on a multi-touchscreen affixed to an adjustable (height and tilt) table, both of which were provided by the client. The material integrated into the presentation includes an existing website detailing tours, a description of the local regions, brochures & folders, highlight videos, suggested outing destinations, museums, food & beverage highlights, and special events. The installation also has the capability of printing out all tour routes, brochures, folders, etc.

Project-Credits: Barbara Hinterleitner Harald Moser, Dietmar Peter, Markus Wipplinger

Garamantis, Wollle

Foto-Credits: Ars Electronica Solutions